Aims of Our Society

  • To meet the common professional, academic, social, economic, cultural and recreational needs of its members
  • To help the development of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Perinatology Department, to find its formal place in the academic structure and to be better known by the community.
  • In the fields covered by the Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Perinatology Department; To provide background, education, academic, and social activities to better serve patients.

To achieve this goal, the Society will work to create working groups such as "Perinatal-Neonatal Medicine and High-Risk Pregnancies", "Fetal Medicine; Prenatal Diagnosis", "Obstetric and Fetal Monitoring" and "Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Law / Ethics".

Also to be supportive and guiding in meeting the professional, academic, social, legal and cultural needs of its members, to determine the causes of lack of communication and coordination problems among those working in the field of "Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Perinatology" and seeking common solutions among Obstetricians and Gynecologists and other related disciplines [Pediatrics (neonatology, genetics, hematology, metabolism, neurology, immunology, hepatology, gastroenterology, cardiology, chest diseases and other); Embryology, Medical Biology, Public Health, Radiology and etc.] to hold conferences, seminars, panels, symposiums, congresses etc. and publication on this field to increase the professional academic and social life level and efficiency of those working in the field of "Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Perinatology", to reinforce the spirit of friendship among the members; To develop opportunities for cooperation and solidarity among all public and private institutions working in the field of "Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Perinatology", such as universities, research centers, societies and chambers and and most importantly, searching solutions to the health problems of the pregnant mother and her baby (Fetus). Our society works on minimize "perinatal morbidity and mortality" in public eye. Educational activities on this subject are among the aims of the society. The target is to give birth to healthy babies by considering maternal health.


Founders of Our Society

M. Sinan Beksaç, Candan Cengiz, Lügen Cengiz, Namık Demir, Oktay Kadayıfçı, Gülay Kurtay, Vildan Ocak, Akgün Yıldız, Atıl Yüksel